Nano Hybrids and Composites Vol. 13

Volume 13

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tamara G. Morgaleva, Yuri N. Morgalev, Irina A. Gosteva, Sergey Yu. Morgalev

Abstract: An assessment was performed to estimate ecological and biological effects of metallic and binary NPs of various chemical nature and...

Authors: Petr S. Fedotov, Mikhail S. Ermolin

Abstract: Study on the elemental composition of nanoparticles is of great importance due to their high mobility in the environment and ability to...

Authors: Nelly R. Popova, Artem M. Ermakov, Anton L. Popov, Irina I. Selezneva, Azamat Y. Akkizov, Olga S. Ivanova, Vladimir K. Ivanov

Abstract: Cerium oxide (CeO2) nanoparticles are regarded as one of the most promising materials for biomedical applications. Due to their...

Authors: Ekaterina S. Kormazeva, Vladimir Yu. Soloviev

Abstract: For needs of the modern science, prediction of nanoparticles (NPs) biodistribution is necessary to avoid the disastrous consequences of its...

Authors: Ekaterina A. Gavrilenko, Alexander A. Biryukov

Abstract: TiOx/CdS composites were synthesized by CdS deposition on TiOx from aqueous solutions of Cd...

Authors: Nikolay A. Apanovich, Alexandra V. Borovkova, Natalia E. Sherstneva, Sergey L. Koryakin, Elena Yu. Maksimova, Egor I. Kavokin, Ludmila A. Onosova

Abstract: Development of modern high-end coatings is a challenge. At this point, the problem of the range and quality of corrosion-resistant materials...

Authors: Anastasiya E. Kucherova, Irina V. Romantsova, Alexandr E. Burakov, Nariman R. Memetov, Mikhail N. Krasnyansky

Abstract: The present paper describes an investigation of the adsorption of lead ions (Pb2+) on graphene-based nanocomposites obtained via...

Authors: Anna Ulyankina, Igor Leontyev, Nina Smirnova

Abstract: CuOx powders with diff erently shaped particles were firstly prepared via an electrochemical method by oxidation and dispersion...

Authors: Anastasiya E. Kucherova, Irina V. Romantsova, Alexandr E. Burakov, Alexandr V. Babkin, Elena A. Neskoromnaya, Mikhail N. Krasnyansky

Abstract: The adsorption of lead ions (Pb (II)) ions from aqueous solutions was studied. Different types of carbon materials, such as high-porous...

Authors: Dmitry S. Muratov, Sergey Gromov

Abstract: Two types of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) were studied by low temperature nitrogen adsorption method. Pore size distribution was...


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