Non-Metallic Elements in Liquid Metals

Volume 28

Non-Metallic Elements in Liquid Metals


The purpose of this book is to discuss the properties of non-metallic elements, when dissolved as a minor impurity in liquid metals and alloys, in terms of statistical thermodynamics, quantum mechanics and the latest structural models. The behaviour of non-metallic elements in liquid metals is one of the most important problems in metallurgical and physical chemistry, since it plays a central role in the manufacture of metallic materials.

Experimental studies of this problem have developed extensively, thanks to the efforts of a large number of excellent researchers, in spite of the difficulties associated with high-temperature measurements. Solutions of non-metals in liquid metals are very interesting theoretically because of the distinctive differences in bonding between metals and non-metals. A deeper understanding of metal/non-metal solution systems can be obtained by performing theoretical analyses of these phenomenological treatments from the points of view of quantum mechanics and statistical thermodynamics. Non-Metallic Elements in Liquid Metals describes the theoretical results which have so far been obtained, and the important future developments which are expected to be results from the joint efforts of metallurgists, chemists and physicists.


M. Shimoji and T. Itami

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