Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Wires Produced by Plastic Consolidation of Fine Grained Powders


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The paper presents results of mechanical tests and grain structure investigation of aluminium wires obtained by plastic consolidation of aluminium powders produced by atomisation from liquid state. The powders produced by this method could be potentially adopted to obtain ultra fine/nano structured materials by rapid solidification. Conversion of material from powder to bulk state with retaining of powders fine structure and minimizing of porosity are crucial for technological route of sub-micron grained materials production. An influence of condition of plastic consolidation by hot extrusion on mechanical properties of consolidated products is a main target of presented investigation. The standard mechanical properties of extrusion products have been determined and grain structure has been inspected. The results have been compared to extrusion products of conventional bulk aluminium. It has been stated substantial increase of properties and refining of grain structure in materials consolidated from powders.



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 101-102)

Edited by:

K.J. Kurzydlowski and Z. Pakiela




H. Dybiec and P. Kozak, "Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Wires Produced by Plastic Consolidation of Fine Grained Powders ", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 101-102, pp. 131-134, 2005

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January 2005




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