Micro-Diffraction Studies of the Evolution of Textures in CVD-Grown Diamond Films


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In this study a detailed analysis is given of the development of preferred orientations of polycrystalline diamond films, deposited from the gas phase using the combustion-flame assisted chemical vapor deposition technique, as a function of the amount of intentionally added nitrogen. The preferred orientations are studied using X-ray diffraction and are compared with the morphological changes of the sample surfaces. The role of nitrogen in the deposition process is discussed. Low amounts of nitrogen enhance the growth rate and lead from a randomly oriented layer successively to {011} and {001} fiber textures. Higher amounts of nitrogen deteriorate the growth; no preferred orientation is visible anymore.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 105)

Edited by:

C. Esling, M. Humbert, R.A. Schwarzer and F. Wagner




J. te Nijenhuis et al., "Micro-Diffraction Studies of the Evolution of Textures in CVD-Grown Diamond Films ", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 105, pp. 403-408, 2005

Online since:

July 2005




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