In Situ Texture Analysis Using Hard X-Rays


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Due to the high penetration power, the high photon flux and the excellent brilliance high energetic synchrotron radiations are a phantastic tool particular in fast experimentation. Therefore in-situ measurements under applied load or at various temperatures have been carried out to investigate the texture influence on the deformation of magnesium and aluminium. An upgraded loading device with a power up to 20 kN was installed at the hard wiggler beamline BW5. Magnesium samples with different initial textures show the strong influence on this texture on the activation of different glide systems and on the activation of twins. First experiments to study the phase transition in titanium were performed, which demonstrate the strong orientation correlation between the α- and the β-phase.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 105)

Edited by:

C. Esling, M. Humbert, R.A. Schwarzer and F. Wagner




H. G. Brokmeier et al., "In Situ Texture Analysis Using Hard X-Rays ", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 105, pp. 55-60, 2005

Online since:

July 2005




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