Texture and Anisotropy of Polycrystals II

Volume 105

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.105

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Authors: Pierre Barbéris, Frank Montheillet, Cédric Chauvy

Abstract: The elastic energy of a set of the twelve variants generated during the b ® a transformation of zirconium, with volume fractions fi,...

Authors: H. Sitepu, Heinz Günter Brokmeier, Daniel Chateigner, J.P. Wright

Abstract: The preferred crystallographic orientation (i.e. texture) and the non-transformed austenite can cause serious systematic errors in the...

Authors: S.R. Dey, Adam Morawiec, Jean-Jacques Fundenberger, Alain Hazotte, Emmanuel Bouzy

Abstract: An original approach based on semi-automatic treatment of Kikuchi patterns collected by Transmission Electron Microscopy is used to analyse...

Authors: Tricia A. Bennett, R.A. Jaramillo, David E. Laughlin, J.B. Wilgen, R. Kisner, G. Mackiewicz-Ludtka, G.M. Ludtka, Peter N. Kalu, Anthony D. Rollett

Abstract: The effect of a 1.5T, 15T and 30T magnetic field on texture evolution in Fe-1%Si was investigated by annealing samples for 1 hour at 787°C,...

Authors: David P. Field, Matthew M. Nowell, P. Trivedi, Stuart I. Wright, T.M. Lillo

Abstract: The texture and grain boundary structure of recrystallized materials is dependent upon the character of the deformed matrix, and the...

Authors: Sofiane Guessasma, N. Rouag

Abstract: Monte Carlo technique was extensively used to simulate various recrystallization stages. In this study, the effect of second phase particles...

Authors: Zhuo Chao Hu, Yu Dong Zhang, X. Zhao, Liang Zuo, Claude Esling

Abstract: The cold-rolled 3104 aluminum alloy sheets were annealed without and with an electric field. Results show that the electric field can...

Authors: Stanislav Vratislav, Maja Dlouhá, Ladislav Kalvoda

Abstract: Our laboratory developed and tested experimental and calculation techniques for quantitative texture analysis based on the ODF combined with...

Authors: Bao Lin Wu, Ji Hhong Shi, Yu Dong Zhang, Yi Nong Wang, Liang Zuo, Claude Esling

Abstract: The recrystallization texture, grain boundary character distribution (GBCD) and their influence on the stress corrosion cracking and...

Authors: Yu Dong Zhang, Chang Shu He, X. Zhao, Yan Dong Wang, Liang Zuo, Claude Esling

Abstract: The Weiss model is extended by substituting the molecular field coefficient lwith a short-range-ordering coefficient g valid around and...


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