Texture and Anisotropy of Polycrystals II

Volume 105

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.105

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Authors: Arunansu Haldar, R.K. Ray, A.J. Khan

Abstract: The microstructure and texture development in an extra low carbon steel during warm rolling (~ 80%) in a single pass at four different...

Authors: W. Robert, David Piot, Gilles Guiglionda, Julian H. Driver

Abstract: A simple and general new approach to predict deformation texture evolution during large plastic strains is presented. The stress in each...

Authors: Wei Tong

Abstract: A new mathematical formulation is presented for describing the three-dimensional anisotropic plastic flow behavior of a heterogeneous...

Authors: Olaf Engler, Yuguo An

Abstract: The control of the plastic anisotropy during forming of a metallic sheet requires detailed knowledge on its microstructure and, especially,...

Authors: Tom Walde, Hermann Riedel

Abstract: Due to crystallographic texture rolled magnesium sheets exhibit strongly anisotropic and asymmetric plastic behavior. Therefore the...

Authors: Sophie Rivoirard, I. Popa, Daniel Chateigner, B. Ouladdiaf, Patricia de Rango, Daniel Fruchart

Abstract: A high speed hot forging process was applied to Nd-Fe-B and Nd-Fe-V as cast alloys in order to develop both the microstructure and the...

Authors: Maja Dlouhá, Stanislav Vratislav, Ladislav Kalvoda

Abstract: This article presents the results of texture investigations of Zircaloy-4 tubes. Neutron diffraction and inversion pole figures were used to...

Authors: G.H. Cao, Burghardt Klöden, C.G. Oertel, Werner Skrotzki, U. Garbe, E. Rybacki, Heinz Günter Brokmeier

Abstract: Ti-47Al-4(Cr, Nb, Mn, B) samples with different initial grain structures and fibre textures were deformed in torsion at 1000 °C under...

Authors: M. Ostafin, Jan Pospiech, Robert A. Schwarzer

Abstract: The objectives of this investigation are structural effects in electrolytic copper sheets which are caused by the change of the direction of...

Authors: Marcio Ferreira Hupalo, Angelo Fernando Padilha, Hugo Ricardo Zschommler Sandim

Abstract: Cold swaged and annealed samples of INCOLOY MA 956 (UNS S67956) were investigated using light optical microscopy (LOM), transmission...


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