PIM & ASIP 2004

Volume 107

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.107

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Authors: R. Apiwatwaja, S. Chunjarean, K. Hass, G. Hoyes, C. Kaewprasert, P. Klysubun, W. Klysubun, W. Pairsuwan, S. Rugmai, Saroj Rujirawat, N. Sanguansak, P. Songsiriritthigul, H. Wiedemann

Abstract: In this note, we describe the upgrade effort to convert the SIAM Photon source into an Xray synchrotron radiation facility with photon...

Authors: G. Poletti, F. Orsini, D. Batani

Abstract: Soft X-ray Contact Microscopy (SXCM) of Caenorhabditis elegans nematodes wit typical length 800 μm and diameter 30 μm has been performed...

Authors: C. Thongbai, V. Jinamoon, N. Kangrang, K. Kusoljariyakul, S. Rimjaem, J. Saisut, Thiraphat Vilaithong, M.W. Rhodes, P. Wichaisirimongkol, S. Chumphongphan

Abstract: Femtosecond electron bunches can be generated from a system consisting of an RF gun with a thermionic cathode, an alpha magnet, and a linear...

Authors: S. Rimjaem, V. Jinamoon, N. Kangrang, K. Kusoljariyakul, J. Saisut, C. Thongbai, Thiraphat Vilaithong, M.W. Rhodes, P. Wichaisirimongkol, S. Chumphongphan

Abstract: The SURIYA project is designed to generate femtosecond (fs) electron pulses at the Fast Neutron Research Facility (FNRF), Thailand. The fs...

Authors: M. Medhisuwakul, Thiraphat Vilaithong, Jürgen Engemann

Abstract: A 13.56 MHz radio-frequency (rf) driven multicusp ion source has been constructed [1] to produce a high argon ion current density....

Authors: Zeng Liang Yu

Abstract: Low-energy ion beam has widely been applied in the field of research on genetic modification since the 1980’s in China. It has been shown,...

Authors: Mario Ueda, R. Wei, H. Reuther

Abstract: Industrially relevant PIII conditions were applied to H13 and CrNiMo 316 steel as well as in CrCoMo and Ti6Al4V metal alloys. Typically,...

Authors: Yue Jin Wu, Ying Zhang, Wang Yu, Mei Song, Zeng Liang Yu

Abstract: This paper summarizes the development of the research and application of ion implantation biotechnology on plant, animal and microorganism...

Authors: Takaomi Matsutani, Masato Kiuchi, Kiyotaka Shirouzu, Akihiro Yoshioka, Ryuichi Shimizu, Sadayuki Takahashi

Abstract: An aluminum nitride (AlN) target for Al-Kα X-ray source with high power and long service life has been developed by N2 + ions assisted Al...

Authors: S. Sangyuenyongpipat, Thiraphat Vilaithong, L.D. Yu, Rattikorn Yimnirun, Pisith Singjai, Ian G. Brown

Abstract: The interaction between ion beam and biological cells has been studied to apply ionbeam- induced mutation to breeding of crops and gene...


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