Formation of Aluminum Nitride Film for High Power Soft X-Ray Source Using Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition Method


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An aluminum nitride (AlN) target for Al-Kα X-ray source with high power and long service life has been developed by N2 + ions assisted Al vapor deposition method (IBAD). The AlN film formations were carried out at the Al deposition rate varied from 2.0 nm/s to 0.15 nm/s with a fixed low-energy N2 + ion of 1 keV. The films were deposited on Cu substrate at room temperature. The AlN films were characterized by an X-ray diffraction, an electron probe X-ray microanalysis and a Knoop-hardness measurement. The AlN deposited at the Al deposition rate of 0.5 nm has a N/Al ratio of 0.4, a Knoop-hardness of ~1500 and a low resistance of ~0.2 . Comparison of durability test between the AlN target and a conventional Al target was performed. It has been revealed, after 500 hours under an electron bombardment of 300 mA at 20 kV, that there were no change of morphology and X-ray intensity on the AlN-surface whilst cracks due to the heat-cycle fatigue covered the Al-surface.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 107)

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T. Vilaithong, D. Boonyawan and C. Thongbai






T. Matsutani et al., "Formation of Aluminum Nitride Film for High Power Soft X-Ray Source Using Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition Method", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 107, pp. 43-46, 2005

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October 2005




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