Comparison of Efficiencies of Different Surface Passivations Applied to Crystalline Silicon


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In this work the efficiencies of different surface passivation techniques are compared. This paper emphasizes on the passivation provided by SiNx:H layers that is commonly used in photovolaic industry as surface passivation and anti reflection layer. The method used to evaluate the surface recombination velocity is detailed and discussed. It is shown that light phosphorus diffusion at 850°C – 20 min provides good surface passivation of n-type silicon surface and noticeable passivation of p-type, that can be improved by SiNx:H Layer.



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 108-109)

Edited by:

B. Pichaud, A. Claverie, D. Alquier, H. Richter and M. Kittler






O. Palais et al., "Comparison of Efficiencies of Different Surface Passivations Applied to Crystalline Silicon", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 108-109, pp. 585-590, 2005

Online since:

December 2005




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