Science and Technology Hybrid Materials

Volume 111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Ho Choy

Abstract: We have attempted to realize new biomolecular-inorganic nanohybrids with two different functions, one from inorganic moiety and the other...

Authors: X.P. Nguyen, V.B. Le

Abstract: MZFC, MFC magnetizations, χac susceptibility and resistance measurements have been carried out for various polycrystalline compounds of...

Authors: Lei Ren, Akiyoshi Osaka, B. Yu, Wei Shi, Dong Tao Ge, Song Chen, Qi Qing Zhang

Abstract: Ca2+-containing porous gelatin-siloxane hybrids were prepared using sol-gel process, post-gelation soaking, and freeze-drying. The porosity...

Authors: W.J. Liou, Hong Ming Lin, T.Y. Yang, K.N. Lin

Abstract: Most of the gases detecting metal oxide semiconductors are operated at temperatures above 250oC. It is not energy efficient for MOS gas...

Authors: S.W. Han, S.H. Kang

Abstract: A better efficiency of sensing tera-hertz signals (T-rays) depends on a better crystalline structure which is obtained by replacing a small...

Authors: B.B. Das, D. Lathabai

Abstract: Studies on ZnxCu1-xBi2O4(0≤ x ≤0.6) spinels (S1-S5: x = 0.0, 0.15, 0.3, 0.45, 0.6) were done using varieties of structure sensitive...

Authors: Su Xia Zhang, Q.F. Li, M.K. Ho, Siew Fei Pook, M. Chandra, M.S. Yong

Abstract: Titanium alloy is an attractive material for aerospace and automobile applications due to its lightweight and high strength. Titanium metal...

Authors: W.L.Eugene Wong, Manoj Gupta, C.Y.H. Lim

Abstract: In this study, pure aluminum reinforced with interconnected galvanized iron mesh and Ni particulates was synthesized using an innovative...

Authors: B.K. Chen, S.Y. Tsay, C.P. Chen

Abstract: To improve the thermal and mechanical properties of polyimides, a nanocomposite of naphthalene containing polyimide (PI) was hybridized...

Authors: Giovanni Ferraris

Abstract: Heterophyllosilicates are mineral phases based on layers that are comparable with those of the better known TOT phyllosilicates. Precisely,...


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