Fuzzy Hybrid Controller Model for Making Decision to Interpret Any Condition


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The constantly increasing performance/price ratio of microcontrollers means electronic system can replace more and more electromechanical ones. In design, the goal is not to just replace the solution but also to improve it by adding new functionalities. The paper presents a model of industrial controller having possibility of the classical programming controller, with added elements of the fuzzy logic. Here fuzzy logic offers a technical control strategy that uses elements of everyday language. In this application, it is used to design a control strategy that adapts to the need of individual user. It achieves a higher comfort level and reduces energy consumption. Here we have used a fuzzy method which selects the contractions that best meet the specifications, where human knowledge is involved in a decision making process. With a fuzzy-logic software development system, the entire system, which includes conventional code for signal preprocessing as well as the fuzzy logic system, can be implemented on an industry-standard microcontroller. Using fuzzy logic on such a low-cost platform makes this a possible solution with most AC systems. Each home AC has a sensor that measures room temperature and compares it with the temperature set on the dial. The fuzzy logic controller uses a bimetallic switch and compares the set temperature with room temperature.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 111)

Edited by:

Cheng-Jun Sun, Jun Ding, Manoj Gupta, Gan-Moog Chow, Lynn Kurihara and Lawrence Kabacoff






M. S. Karim and R. Mustafa, "Fuzzy Hybrid Controller Model for Making Decision to Interpret Any Condition", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 111, pp. 167-170, 2006

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April 2006




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