Microstructural Investigation of Particulate Reinforced Ti-Sn Metal Matrix Composites


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Titanium alloy is an attractive material for aerospace and automobile applications due to its lightweight and high strength. Titanium metal matrix composite (MMCs) is one of the promising materials which could be employed to enhance stiffness and wear resistance of titanium alloy. In this study, reinforcement of in-situ and ex-situ particulates has been investigated. The experimental results show that a dense microstructure with uniformly distributed in-situ TiB reinforcement phase in the Ti+B+Sn system could be obtained. It is present in either needle or blocky shape. This process involved warm pressing of mixed powder in semi-solid stage followed by sintering, which eliminated costly CIP and HIP processes. However, it is found that the ex-situ particulates in the titanium metal matrix are not suitable as reinforcements in Ti-Sn metal matrix as they either reacted with titanium during sintering process or generated a void at the interface between the reinforcement and the matrix.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 111)

Edited by:

Cheng-Jun Sun, Jun Ding, Manoj Gupta, Gan-Moog Chow, Lynn Kurihara and Lawrence Kabacoff






S. X. Zhang et al., "Microstructural Investigation of Particulate Reinforced Ti-Sn Metal Matrix Composites", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 111, pp. 35-38, 2006

Online since:

April 2006




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