Science and Technology Hybrid Materials

Volume 111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Y.D. Dai, M.J. Hu, L.L. Guo, M.H. Cao, H.X. Liu

Abstract: The organic-inorganic hybrid compounds have attracted much attention for their interesting structures and various properties. In present...

Authors: L.L. Guo, Y.D. Dai, H.X. Liu, Shi Xi Ouyang

Abstract: This paper focuses on the structural change and the thermochromism of the phase transition of the hybrid (C12H25NH3)2FeCl4. The temperature...

Authors: Sharon M.L. Nai, Jun Wei, Manoj Gupta

Abstract: In this study, lead-free composite solders were successfully synthesized, with varying amount of nanosized ZrO2 + 8 mol.% Y2O3 particulates...

Authors: K. Mohan, Tick Hon Yip, Idapalapati Sridhar, H.P. Seow

Abstract: Aluminum foams are very popular material for structural applications because of its attractive combination of properties. Structural...

Authors: S. Narasimalu, Manoj Gupta

Abstract: Al is well known to serve as a metallic matrix in a composite due to its enhanced ductility and toughness. In the present study, pure Al...

Authors: Madusudhanan R. Parlapalli, Dong Wei Shu, G.B. Chai

Abstract: In the present paper, new nondimensionalized parameters, namely, nondimensionalized axial and bending stiffnesses have been introduced to...

Authors: S. Ugandhar, Manoj Gupta, S.K. Sinha

Abstract: In the present study, hybrid magnesium composites reinforced with SiC and Ti particulates were successfully synthesized using an innovative...

Authors: X.M. Yang, Ting Yang Dai, Yun Lu

Abstract: Novel raspberrylike organic-inorganic hybrids consisting of spherical silica supporting smaller conductive polypyrrole particles were...

Authors: Z.Y. Wang, Yee Cheong Lam, X. Chen

Abstract: The flow of a suspension system with glass microspheres in polymer EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) melts system was studied in a capillary...


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