Robotic Simulation and Web-Technology Enabling Collaboration in Digital Manufacturing


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In this paper, robotic simulation and web-technology are considered as collaborative tools, which enable enterprises to take steps towards digital manufacturing and product lifecycle management. Some results from developing the work of robot simulation and web-technology in research laboratories and industrial environments are presented. The application areas include robotic welding cells, robotic bending cells and robotic material handling cells. Experiences from the development work with different robot work cells confirm that digital manufacturing technology will become a practice in manufacturing networks in the future.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 113)

Edited by:

Nin Bizys, Andrejus Henrikas Marcinkevicius






S. Pieskä et al., "Robotic Simulation and Web-Technology Enabling Collaboration in Digital Manufacturing", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 113, pp. 329-333, 2006

Online since:

June 2006




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