Mechatronic Systems and Materials

Volume 113

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Saulius Kaušinis, Rimantas Barauskas

Abstract: The paper presents the finite element (FE) modeling approach to sensitivity analysis of MEMS-based gyros. The FE model is employed to both...

Authors: Liudas Albinas Kuliavas, Jonas Mockaitis

Abstract: A lifetime of details directly influences the lifetime of machines and equipment. Details in most cases wear out, instead of collapsing....

Authors: Jiŕí Vondrák, Marie Sedlaříková, Milan Vlček, Jitka Mohelníková, Michal Macalík

Abstract: Electrochromic materials have found practical applications in special devices such as: - systems with controlled transmission (surfaces...

Authors: Marek Szkodo

Abstract: The laser surface alloying of 18/8 stainless steel with Mn, was carried out by 6 kW cw CO2 laser. The microstructure, chemical composition...

Authors: Marek Szkodo

Abstract: This work presents a mathematical model describing the cavitation erosion of materials. The model of cavitation erosion is based on...

Authors: Paulius Miškinis

Abstract: A simple one-dimensional model describing nonlinear and nonlocal oscillations of electron plasma is considered. Due to regard of the...

Authors: Paulius Miškinis

Abstract: The new properties of nonlinear sound propagation in one-dimensional porous medium are presented. For this purpose the one-dimensional...

Authors: Paulius Miškinis

Abstract: Dispersion and absorption in a media with stretch exponential or Kohlrausch–Williams– Watts relaxation are considered. The...

Authors: Marek Szkodo, M. Głowacka, M. Smajdor, Henryk Bugłacki

Abstract: In the work phase investigations of special brass CuZn38Al2MnFe alloy are presented. The microstructure, chemical composition and phase...


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