Mechatronic Systems and Materials

Volume 113

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: N. Višniakov, J. Novickij, D. Ščekaturovienė, M. Šukšta

Abstract: The influence of thermal cyclic overloads on mechanical properties of winding conductors was investigated. Copper-niobium microcomposite,...

Authors: J. Novickij, N. Višniakov

Abstract: The multilayer construction of metal-matrix Cu-Nb microcomposite wire wound Zylon-epoxy composite reinforced inductor is analyzed. Inductor...

Authors: Mečislovas Mariūnas, A. Šešok, V. Lisauskas

Abstract: The paper analyses chemical and magnetronic coating methods. The investigation is made into the types of such implant-oriented materials...

Authors: Sergey V. Mischenko, Aleksey G. Tkachev, Vyacheslav F. Kalinin, Vladimir L. Negrov

Abstract: At the present stage of development of carbon nanomaterial production technologies great attention is paid to the creation of equipment...

Authors: Alexander S. Chaus, J. Chovanec, M. Legerská

Abstract: As-cast high-speed steels heat-treated have completely much lower impact toughness than that of the steels of a similar chemical...

Authors: D. Zabulionis

Abstract: This article deals with the stress and strain state of a three–layer composite material with interlayer slip subjected to hygrothermal...

Authors: D. Zabulionis, R. Balevičius, E. Dulinskas

Abstract: The authors have proposed a relatively simple and convenient method for engineering purposes that allows one to simulate time-dependent...

Authors: Vitalijus Rudzinskas, Algirdas Vaclovas Valiulis, O. Chernashejus

Abstract: The number of potentially dangerous equipment that has completed its established operational time, but is still being used, is permanently...

Authors: Danuta Kotnarowska

Abstract: The paper presents examination results of erosive resistance of epoxy coatings as well as epoxy coatings with interlayer modified by glass...

Authors: P. Silickas, Chaim N. Sukenik, Olga Gershevitz, Algirdas Vaclovas Valiulis

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