Mechatronic Systems and Materials

Volume 113

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Marijonas Bogdevicius

Abstract: In the article gas movement in elastic pipelines is considered. The following things are taken into account in the present model:...

Authors: Vytautas Barzdaitis, Vytautas Žemaitis, R. Jonušas, Vytautas Kazimieras Augustaitis, Vytautas Bučinskas

Abstract: The paper is dedicated to research on flexible rotor systems with anisotropic rotor material properties. In addition, the anisotropy of...

Authors: Vytautas Slivinskas, Kastytis Slivinskas, Vytautas Bučinskas

Abstract: In the paper the method of creating the dynamical model of the mechanical system is considered. The transient process measured after the...

Authors: Robertas Pečeliūnas, Olegas Prentkovskis

Abstract: The main goals of the work are to define consistent patterns of impacts exercised by vibration of the vehicle in emergency braking on the...

Authors: Danielius Gužas, M. Pelikša

Abstract: At present, after the restoration of independence, intensive construction of modern buildings for different purposes is being carried out...

Authors: L.Y. Banakh, A.N. Nikiforov, G.Y. Panovko

Abstract: Flow-coupled vibrations of system “rotor-ring” are researched. Absence effect of critical rotor velocity and dynamic absorption of rotor...

Authors: Danielius Gužas, R. Klimas, V. Tričys

Abstract: Available shields are of a certain thickness that has an influence on sound diffraction. Judging by the research results, the influence of...

Authors: R. Butkus, J. Deikus, Danielius Gužas, A. Šarlauskas

Abstract: The present paper deals with methods aimed at developing calculation models of sound insulation of various cylindrical shells, making it...

Authors: A. Čiučelis, Danielius Gužas, R. Maskeliūnas

Abstract: With the purpose of clarifying the impact of a model of a longitudinal plate rib on the excitation of vibrations of a cylindrical shell and...

Authors: Vytautas Kepalas, Česlovas Ramonas, Stanislovas Marcinkevičius, Romualdas Konstantinas Masteika

Abstract: Purpose of the work is to analyze tight band coiling machine dynamics for processing wire, thread, texture, paper, leatherette or other...


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