Mechatronic Systems and Materials

Volume 113

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sakari Pieskä, Mikko Sallinen, Vesa-Matti Honkanen, Jari Kaarela

Abstract: In this paper, robotic simulation and web-technology are considered as collaborative tools, which enable enterprises to take steps towards...

Authors: Z. Dreija, O. Liniņš, Fr. Sudnieks, N. Mozga

Abstract: The present work deals with the computation of surface stresses and deformation in the presence of friction. The evaluation of the...

Authors: C.K. Kajdas

Abstract: Ceramics, especially nitrides, oxides and carbides, offer advantages over conventional tribological mating elements. Such solids usually...

Authors: Wiesław Zwierzycki, Bolesław Wojciechowicz, Arkadiusz Stachowiak, Krzystof Bieńczak

Abstract: This paper shows the possibilities of sliding pair’s calculation evaluation with the use of the generalized wear model where the wear rate...

Authors: Karol Nadolny, Przemysław Tyczewski
Authors: Wiesław Zwierzycki, Arkadiusz Stachowiak

Abstract: This paper analyses the state of knowledge on the range of analytic modeling of wear in conditions of corrosive and mechanical...

Authors: Wiesław Zwierzycki, Tomasz Rochatka

Abstract: In tests presented in the paper the authors made use of M.M. Chruščov’s concept of determining linear wear intensity Ih in model systems...

Authors: Vladas Vekteris

Abstract: Lubrication and cooling of a high speed grinding process in the grinding machine as in a mechatronic system using technological liquids are...

Authors: A. Trumpa, Vladas Vekteris

Abstract: The paper’s work examines opportunities of diagnostics of vibroinsulated mechanisms based on the measurement of mechanical vibration....

Authors: Mindaugas Jurevichius, Vladas Vekteris

Abstract: This article presents a Mechatronic Hydrodynamic Bearings Testing System and describes its main functions. The System’s structure, control...


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