Mechatronic Systems and Materials

Volume 113

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Cereska, Vladas Vekteris

Abstract: An analysis of the influence of the change of temperature of a rotor’s system with bearings of sliding friction to the work of a searching...

Authors: A. Cereska, Vladas Vekteris

Abstract: The problem of quality diagnostics of systems with hydrodynamic bearings is analyzed in the paper. In analyzing the problem, the analytical...

Authors: Vladas Vekteris

Abstract: The hydrodynamic tilting-pad journal bearing with a mobile elastic element and choose of its geometry by calculating deformations are...

Authors: Andrzej Kotnarowski

Abstract: The present paper describes a part of an introductory examination concerning the improvement of tribological properties of base oils (used...

Authors: Bolesław Giemza, Artur Król, Tadeusz Kałdoński

Abstract: In the article one investigation’s results regarding the influence of work parameters of the porous bearings on the process of oil ageing...

Authors: Tadeusz Kałdoński, Tomasz J. Kałdoński

Abstract: In this paper are physicochemical bases of self–lubricating mechanism of porous sliding bearings is presented. Up to now information about...

Authors: Edward Cypko, Tadeusz Kałdoński

Abstract: In the paper results of investigations of triboelectrical effects, proceeding in nonlubricated contacts, observed as “friction...

Authors: Czesław Pakowski, Tomasz J. Kałdoński, Tadeusz Kałdoński

Abstract: In the article a continuous method for measurement of wear under conditions of technically dry friction of tribological kinematic pairs of...

Authors: Vytautas Bučinskas, Rimantas Subačius, V. Mokšin, Vladas Vekteris

Abstract: This paper describes experimental investigation of lubricant properties used in locomotive engines. The workbench for experimental...

Authors: Gediminas Vaičiūnas, Leonas Povilas Lingaitis, Šarūnas Mikaliūnas

Abstract: Graphical representation of laws governing the abrasion of locomotive wheelsets shows different distribution of values obtained for oiled...


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