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Authors: Ramutis Bansevičius, V. Giniotis
Abstract:The paper deals with mechatronic devices for accuracy improvement of measuring and metal cutting machines, robots, etc. The mechatronic...
Authors: Xiao Kang Liu, Dong Lin Peng, Xing Hong Zhang, Xi Hou Cheng
Abstract:A theory of time-space coordinate transformation is presented for measuring space with time. A novel type of displacement sensor named time...
Authors: I. Senkuvienė, V. Senkus
Abstract:Target of the authors’ job was to optimize weighting and labeling process in mechanical machining companies. Main direction was to increase...
Authors: Saulius Kaušinis, Aurimas Jakštas, Rimantas Barauskas, Albinas Kasparaitis
Authors: R. Navickas, V. Barzdenas
Abstract:Hybrid pixel sensors (detectors) have shown to be a valid alternative to other types of Xray imaging devices due to their high sensitivity,...
Authors: J. Novickij, V. Stankevič, S. Balevičius, N. Žurauskienė, P. Cimmperman, R. Kačianauskas, E. Stupak, A. Kačeniauskas, M.J. Löffler
Abstract:Magnetic field sensors based on polycrystalline La0.83Sr0.17MnO3 films were used to measure the magnetic field distribution and disturbances...
Authors: Andrejus Henrikas Marcinkevičius
Abstract:When using programmed machine tools many steps of a shaft are machined in one operation. Many shafts are not rigid enough and for the...
Authors: Andrejus Henrikas Marcinkevičius
Abstract:Work accuracy dependencies of a new scheme device for automatic dimension control and follow rest at machining of multi step shaft are...
Authors: Albinas Kasparaitis, A. Šukys
Abstract:Here are proposed methods to evaluate the accuracy of measuring heads (MH) of coordinate measuring machines (CMM). Kinematic touch-trigger,...
Authors: E. Parseliunas, P. Viskontas, M. Grigas, R. Obuchovski, L. Marozas
Abstract:The technical equipment including hardware and software of European Sea Level Service (ESEAS) station KLAIPEDA (KLPD) is presented in the...
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