Mechanical Spectroscopy III

Volume 115

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Leszek B. Magalas, B.M. Darinskii

Abstract: Mechanical spectroscopy and relaxation phenomena in solids are briefly discussed from the viewpoint of generalized susceptibility and...

Authors: Leszek B. Magalas

Abstract: The comparison between the classical methods and a new algorithm OMI used to compute the logarithmic decrement is reported. The OMI...

Authors: Leszek B. Magalas, S.A. Golovin, B.M. Darinskii

Abstract: A list of monographs on internal friction, anelasticity, ultrasonic attenuation, relaxation phenomena in solids, and mechanical...

Authors: H.R. Sinning

Abstract: The use of mechanical spectroscopy to characterize the quasicrystalline state of solid matter is reviewed. After a general, chronological...

Authors: M. Koiwa, Hiroshi Numakura

Abstract: The Snoek relaxation is associated with the redistribution of interstitial atoms in the bcc lattice under the application of the...

Authors: M.S. Blanter, Leszek B. Magalas

Abstract: The H(D) atom’s interaction with one another, ‘heavy’ interstitial atoms (O, N, C), and substitutional atoms is analyzed on the basis of...

Authors: Giovanni Mazzolai, A. Biscarini, B. Coluzzi, Fabio M. Mazzolai, U. Straube

Abstract: The chemical diffusion coefficient (Dc) of hydrogen in the Ni30Ti50Cu20 shape memory alloy has been determined in the temperature range 700...

Authors: V.A. Udovenko, I.B. Chudakov

Abstract: It is shown that industrial high damping steels based on the Fe-Al metallic system are characterized by a very high level of internal...

Authors: U. Straube, Giovanni Mazzolai, A. Biscarini, B. Coluzzi, Fabio M. Mazzolai, Horst Beige

Abstract: The ultrasound pulse echo overlap method has been used to determine the elastic stiffness coefficients and the corresponding ultrasonic...

Authors: Leszek B. Magalas

Abstract: The Snoek-Köster (SK) relaxation and the dislocation-enhanced Snoek Effect (DESE) in deformed ultra-high purity Fe-C alloys and industrial...


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