Mechanical Spectroscopy III

Volume 115

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Leszek B. Magalas, S. Etienne

Abstract: The mechanical loss spectra obtained in metallic samples covered with various thin films of arachis oils containing different sulphur...

Authors: Rosario Cantelli, Achille Paolone, S. Roth, U. Dettlaff

Abstract: The first mechanical spectroscopy experiments in HiPco carbon nanotubes from room temperature to 3 K revealed a thermally activated...

Authors: R.B. Morgunov, A. Baskakov, I. Blokhin, L. Dunin-Barkovskii, S. Shmurak, Y. Tanimoto

Abstract: Microscopic elementary events responsible for magnetoplastic effect are studied in detail by means of photoluminescence, electron spin...

Authors: L. Dunin-Barkovskii, R.B. Morgunov, Y. Tanimoto

Abstract: An influence of a constant magnetic field (MF) with induction up to 15 T upon macroscopic plastic deformation of diamagnetic NaCl single...

Authors: Qian Feng Fang, X.P. Wang, Z.G. Yi, Z.J. Cheng

Abstract: The novel oxide-ion conductors (La1-xAx)2Mo2O9-δ (A = Ca, Bi, K, x = 0 ~ 0.075) are investigated in this paper by internal friction and...

Authors: A.V. Turik, G.S. Radchenko, A.I. Chernobabov, S.A. Turik

Abstract: A giant enhancement of the static dielectric permittivity and a giant dielectric relaxation in a heterogeneous medium consisting of...

Authors: A.I. Chernobabov, A.V. Turik, G.S. Radchenko, S.A. Turik

Abstract: The effective complex piezoelectric and dielectric constants of disordered heterogeneous systems of the type of statistical mixtures with...

Authors: A.V. Turik, L.A. Reznitchenko, A.I. Chernobabov, G.S. Radchenko, S.A. Turik, M.G. Radchenko

Abstract: Using self-consistent effective-medium theory, we studied the complex elastic compliances of conducting disordered heterogeneous...

Authors: I. Golosovsky, V. Dvornikov, T. Hansen, A. Fokin, E. Koroleva, L. Korotkov, A. Naberezhnov, M. Tovar

Abstract: Combined neutron diffraction, dielectric and conductivity measurements of NaNO2 embedded into porous glasses with average pore diameter 7...

Authors: K. Bormanis, S.A. Satarov, A. Kalvane, A.I. Burkhanov, A.V. Shil'nikov, M. Dambekalne

Abstract: The study of PSN-PT ferroelectric relaxor ceramics exhibiting extreme values of some physical parameters near the morphotropic phase...


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