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Authors: M.C. Flemings, R. Andy Martinez
Abstract:The essential first step in semi-solid forming is to obtain a high grain density during the initial stages of solidification of an alloy...
Authors: H.V. Atkinson
Abstract:The numerical modeling of semi-solid processing requires data on the rheological properties of materials. This data is often obtained by...
Authors: John L. Jorstad
Abstract:The globular microstructure required for semi solid metal (SSM) processing was initially developed by agitating melt to fragment dendrites...
Authors: Gerhard Hirt, Wolfgang Bleck, Andreas Bührig-Polaczek, H. Shimahara, Wolfgang Püttgen, C. Afrath
Abstract:The semi solid forming of steel has the potential of an innovative technology, which could open a new possibility of metal components...
Authors: Chun Pyo Hong, J.M. Kim
Abstract:Among semisolid forming processes, increasing attention has now been focused on the commercialization of casting processes based on...
Authors: Jacqueline Lecomte-Beckers, Ahmed Rassili, Marc Robelet, Claude Poncin, R. Koeune
Abstract:This paper focuses on the liquid fraction curves of several steels and the correlation between liquid fraction, temperature and heating...
Authors: Annalisa Pola, Roberto Roberti, Ermanno Bertoli, Disman Furloni
Abstract:Semi-solid processing is nowadays a powerful technology for the realization of structural components; in addition to the increase in their...
Authors: Stuart Wiesner, Qin Yue Pan, Diran Apelian
Abstract:The continuous rheoconversion process (CRPTM) is a novel slurry-on-demand process that was developed at MPI/WPI in 2002. The process is...
Authors: Jeong Min Kim, Gun Ha Lee, Joong Hwan Jun, Ki Tae Kim, Woon Jae Jung
Abstract:Mg-8%Al-1%Ca was selected as a base alloy composition and small amounts of minor alloying elements, RE or Sr, were added. Microstructure of...
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