Heat Treatment of Materials

Volume 118

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.118

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Authors: Kazumasa Sakoshi, Chuji Kagaya, Eiji Kagaya

Abstract: In recent years, global warming and resource exhaustion problems require the manufacturers to minimize substances of environmental concern...

Authors: E. Haruman, Y. Sun, H. Malik, Agus Geter E. Sutjipto, S. Mridha, K. Widi

Abstract: In the present investigation, low temperature nitriding has been attempted on AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel by using a laboratory...

Authors: Yuan Hui Li, De Fu Luo, Shao Xu Wu

Abstract: The QPQ complex salt bath treatment is a type of surface strengthening technology which contains mainly salt bath nitriding and salt bath...

Authors: Masahiro Okumiya, Hiroshi Ikeda, Yoshiki Tsunekawa

Abstract: In a previous study, an aluminum nitride (AlN) layer was formed below the melting point of aluminum (Al) on the surface of an Al substrate...

Authors: Jee Hyun Sung, Yun Chul Jung, Yung Hee Kim, Jang Hyun Sung, Chang Yong Kang

Abstract: The microstructural changes of Fe-22%Mn-12%Cr-4%Co-0.3%Ti-x%Si (mass %) damping steels have been studied during solution nitriding at...

Authors: Dae Kyoung Yoo, Hea Joeng Lee, Chang Yong Kang, Kwang Ho Kim, Yung Hee Kim, Jang Hyun Sung

Abstract: Generally, solution nitriding (nitrogen permeation) is not applied to ferritic stainless steel, which has low nitrogen solubility in the...

Authors: In Sup Lee, Yong Ho Park, Ik Min Park

Abstract: Plasma radical nitriding has been performed to harden the surface of SKD 61 steel for 1- 10 hours at temperature range of 450-550°C. A NH...

Authors: Hisao Fujikawa, Takanori Watanabe

Abstract: Air Water Incorporated Japan (AWI) has succeeded in developing and commercializing new surface treatment technologies. One of them is the...

Authors: Fei Xie, Qiu Hua Zhu, Jin Jun Lu

Abstract: The influence of direct current field (DCF) on powder-pack boriding has been investigated by applying DCF between boriding agent and...

Authors: Fei Xie, John Morral

Abstract: High-temperature-resistant (HTR) austenitic steel HK40 is employed for being silicon-aluminized by being hot-dipped in molten aluminum and...


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