Heat Treatment of Materials

Volume 118

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.118

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Authors: Dong Ying Ju, Wei Min Zhang, Y. Matsumoto, Ryuji Mukai

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to extend the capability of analyzing the time dependence and coupling of temperature, stress and strain...

Authors: Min Su Jung, Seok Jae Lee, Young Kook Lee

Abstract: The strain change during the tempering of S45C martensitic steel was examined at different heating rates using a dilatometer. Tempering...

Authors: Kouitsu Miyachika, Takao Koide, Satoshi Oda, Naoki Motooka, Keiichi Uemoto, Yoshihisa Matsumoto, Chiaki Namba, Hidefumi Mada, Hajime Tsuboi

Abstract: A FEM simulation program for induction hardening of sintered metal shafts was made up. Physical properties of the sintered metal were...

Authors: Seok Jae Lee, Young Kook Lee

Abstract: A coupled model for predicting phase transformation, temperature, and distortion of AISI 5120 steel occurring during heat treatment process...

Authors: Su Juan Hua, Liu Ping, Dong Qi Ming, Li He Jun, Xu Ying Ying

Abstract: The residual stress distribution of microstructure about Cu-Fe-P alloy for lead frame is simulated by finite element method of...

Authors: Tsuyoshi Sugimoto, Youichi Watanabe

Abstract: Carburizing and quenching process conditions must be optimized to minimize quenching distortion and dispersion; this includes the parts...

Authors: Joo Youl Huh, Jong Pa Hong

Abstract: An explicit, finite difference scheme was used to examine the effects of coherency stresses and interface kinetic barriers on the phase...

Authors: S.I. Kwun, Jai Won Byeon

Abstract: Microstructural parameters (kinds of phases, inter-lamellar spacing of pearlite, precipitate size, number of precipitates), mechanical...

Authors: M.S. Koo, Ping Guang Xu, J.H. Li, Yo Tomota, O. Muransky, Petr Lukáš, Yoshitaka Adachi

Abstract: A challenge was made to examine the micro-structural evolution during thermomechanically controlled processing (TMCP) by in situ neutron...

Authors: M. Matsushima, X.J. Jin, Y. Shiota, Yo Tomota, Hiroshi Suzuki, Atsushi Moriai

Abstract: Neutron diffraction technique was employed to measure stress distribution in an interior region of a SUS304 rotating mechanical component...


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