Heat Treatment of Materials

Volume 118

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.118

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Authors: Gon Seung Yang, K.H. Kim, Kabilan M, Kwang Koo Jee, Woo Yang Jang

Abstract: The effect of the betatizing conditions on microstructure, transformation characteristics and pseudoelastic behavior has been studied in an...

Authors: Ping Liu, Shu Guo Jia, Feng Zhang Ren, Bao Hong Tian, Mao Sheng Zheng

Abstract: By means of a vacuum induction furnace, Cu-Ag-Cr alloy were produced. The wear property and mechanism of Cu-Ag-Cr alloy are studied, and...

Authors: Takao Koide, Koji Tsubokura, Masayuki Nakatani, Kouitsu Miyachika, Masaki Yakabe, Chiaki Namba, Satoshi Oda

Abstract: In the plasma-carburizing method, the detrimental grain boundary oxides in the surface of the materials and sooting problems are eliminated...

Authors: Kuk Tae Youn, Young Sang Na, Jong Hoon Lee, Young Mok Rhyim, Wee Do Yoo, Chan Gyu Lee

Abstract: In order to understand the melt-out mechanism of H13 die casting mould material, microstructural investigation was conducted for the...

Authors: Y.G. Park, M.Y. Wey, Sun Ig Hong, M. Ikenaga

Abstract: In this study, a newly developed duplex coating method incorporating plasma carburization and CrN coating was applied to Ti-6Al-4V and its...

Authors: Taizo Makino, Masayuki Horimoto, Hitoshi Matsumoto

Abstract: The objective of the present study is to clarify the effect of slip conditions, such as slip ratio, outer surface velocity, and lubricant...

Authors: Kouitsu Miyachika, Kazuteru Oda, Hideaki Katanuma, Jun Iwanaga, Satoshi Oda

Abstract: The measurement of hardened layer and the bending fatigue test of S35C and S45C steel gears induction-hardened under various heating...

Authors: Dong Gun Lim, Dong Hee Kim, Jin Kwang Kim, Odae Kwon, Kea Joon Yang, Joon Hoon Park, Jung Il Lee

Abstract: Ordered nanostructure materials have received attention due to their unique physical properties and potential applications in electronics,...

Authors: Chang Seog Kang, Ik Hyun Oh, Jae Ik Cho, Jae Seol Lee, Hyeon Taek Son, Jung Chan Bae, Young Chan Kim, Sung Kil Hong

Abstract: The silicon-based aluminum casting alloy and 2 different types of gate designs were used to investigate experimentally the fabrication...

Authors: Han Jun Oh, Kyung Wook Jang, Jong Ho Lee, Beom Su Ki, Chang Hoe Heo, So Hyun Kwon, Choong Soo Chi

Abstract: Effects of annealing treatments of aluminum substrate for ordered nanopore arrays formed by self-organized anodization have been...


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