Nanocomposites and Nanoporous Materials VII

Volume 119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seok Kim, Eun Ju Hwang, Hyung Il Kim, Soo Jin Park

Abstract: Solid type polymer electrolyte is in progress of research and development in many ways to improve an ionic conductivity to attain 10-3 S/cm...

Authors: Soo Jin Park, Eun Jung Lee, Soo Han Kwon

Abstract: In this work, the effects of atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment of polyimide films on surface and dielectric characteristics were...

Authors: Soon Yong Jeong

Abstract: Porous graphite was synthesized by removal of template after pyrolysis of PFO (pyrolized fuel oil) using kenyaite template with cobalt...

Authors: Sung Soo Park, Dong Ho Park

Abstract: High crystalline Ti-substituted MCM-41’s in the range of Si/Ti ≥ 30 were synthesized. We have carried out the controlling of the pore size...

Authors: J.S. Park, J.H Yun, Young Do Park, Yong Ho Park, Kyung Mok Cho, Ik Min Park

Abstract: A copper matrix composite reinforced with in situ TiB2 nanoparticle was successfully fabricated by tubulent in-situ mixing process. The...

Authors: Hee Soo Kim, Ji Chul Jung, Pil Kim, Kwan Young Lee, Sung Ho Yeom, In Kyu Song

Abstract: Mesostructured cellular foam (MCF) silica was synthesized via surfactant templating route. The surface of MCF silica was then modified by...

Authors: Heon Do Jeong, Dong Sik Kim, Kweon Ill Kim, In Kyu Song

Abstract: Adsorption characteristics of nitrogen and oxygen onto the ion-exchanged X-type zeolites through pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process...

Authors: Chang Woo Kim, Young Hwan Kim, Don Keun Lee, In Chul Jeong, Hae Woong Kwon, Young Soo Kang

Abstract: We report the core/shell type as the interesting one of the various techniques to prepare exchange-coupled permanent magnet. In this study,...

Authors: Hyun Gil Cha, Young Hwan Kim, Don Keun Lee, In Chul Jeong, Hae Woong Kwon, Young Soo Kang

Abstract: The magnetic α-Fe nanoparticles were carried out using two-preparation methods that include solution phase metal salt reduction and...

Authors: Seok Kim, Mi Hwa Cho, Soo Han Kwon, Soo Jin Park

Abstract: Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were oxyfluorinated at several different temperatures. The results indicated that graphitic carbon...


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