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Authors: Soo Jin Park, Jin Seok Oh, Jae Rock Lee, Kyong Yop Rhee
Abstract:In this work, effects of the oxygen plasma on surface characteristics of carbon fibers were investigated in impact strengths of the carbon...
Authors: Zhi Qiang Yang, Sang Eon Park
Abstract:Sn-containing hydrotalcite-like compounds were prepared by three different methods such as (i) direct synthesis, (ii) ion-exchange and (iii)...
Authors: Kwang Min Choi, David Raju Burri, Sang Cheol Han, Sang Eon Park
Abstract:Nano-stacked aluminum titanium silicalite-1(NS-AlTS-1) zeolite with MFI structure was prepared by direct synthesis using a microwave...
Authors: Young Rang Uhm, Y.H. Oh, G.H. Lee, Min Ku Lee, Chang Kyu Rhee
Authors: Jong Keuk Lee, Sung Jei Hong, Min Ku Lee, Jung G. Lee, Chang Kyu Rhee, S.J. Jeong, J.S. Park, J.S. Park
Abstract:Highly dense Y2O3 ceramics have been fabricated by a magnetic pulsed compaction (MPC) which is capable of reaching a sufficiently high...
Authors: Min Ku Lee, G.H. Kim, Sung Mo Hong, Jong Keuk Lee, Sung Jei Hong, Young Rang Uhm, Chang Kyu Rhee
Abstract:In this study the effects of harder ultrafine Al2O3 particles on the mechanical milling of ductile Cu flakes (200mesh, 70μm) have been...
Authors: Soon Jik Hong, S. Patil, Chang Kyu Rhee, S. Seal
Abstract:The microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-21 wt% Si components fabricated by plasma spray forming are analyzed. The microstructure...
Authors: Yong Tae Kim, Sang Kyun Im, Yong Bo Shim, Hee Joon Myung, Wan In Lee, Hee K. Chae
Abstract:A series of surface-modified TiO2 nanoparticles were prepared and their photocatalytic effects were evaluated by degradation of Acid red dye...
Authors: Young Mi Jung, Sang Woo Kim
Abstract:Microwave-assisted combustion synthesis of α-alumina-magnesium spinel nanocomposite powders from a route using ammonium aluminum carbonate...
Authors: Dong Hyun Kim, Ha Sung Park, Jae Han Jho, Wheung Whoe Kim, Sun Jae Kim, Kyung Sub Lee
Abstract:Transition metal doped TiO2 (Ni, Fe, Cu) and nanocomposite TiO2 powders with rutile phase were synthesized by mechanical alloying and heat...
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