Nanocomposites and Nanoporous Materials VII

Volume 119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Li Zhang, Young Hwan Kim, Young Soo Kang

Abstract: Core/shell structured TiO2/ZnO was synthesized in a basic aqueous solution through a simple hydrolyzing method. The powder X-ray...

Authors: Young Chul Lee, Myeong Jun Kim, Yong Bong Lee

Abstract: Epoxy/clay nanocomposites have been prepared using montmorillonite (MMT) ionexchanged with various organic cations ; hexadecyltributyl...

Authors: Yon Ki Seo, Yong Hwan Kim, Uoo Chang Chung, Won Sub Chung

Abstract: Several methods for loading of Pt-Ni binary catalysts on the CNTs were tested. Using the CNTs treated HNO3, the catalysts supported Pt, Ni...

Authors: Ji Chul Jung, Hee Soo Kim, Ahn Seop Choi, Young Min Chung, Tae Jin Kim, Seong Jun Lee, Seung Hoon Oh, In Kyu Song

Abstract: α-Bi2Mo3O12 and γ-Bi2MoO6 catalysts were prepared by co-precipitation method, and they were applied to the oxidative dehydrogenation of...

Authors: Joon Pyo Jeun, Youn Mook Lim, Jae Hak Choi, Hyun Shil La, Phil Hyun Kang, Young Chang Nho

Abstract: Ethyl-cellulose (EC) nanofibers were fabricated by an electrospinning of an EC solution with a 6-12 wt% concentration. Fiber morphology was...

Authors: Chan Hee Jung, Jae Hak Choi, Youn Mook Lim, Joon Pyo Jeun, Hyun Shil La, Phil Hyun Kang, Young Chang Nho

Abstract: Polystyrene-grafted γ-Al2O3 nanoparticles were successfully synthesized by a high energy irradiation technique. Surface modification of the...

Authors: Byung Sun Han, Young Rang Uhm, Min Ku Lee, Jin Ju Park, Chang Kyu Rhee, G.M. Kim

Abstract: The stoichiometric Ti50Ni50 alloy nanopowders were synthesized by levitational gas condensation (LGC) using micron powder feeding system...

Authors: S.H. Woo, Min Ku Lee, Chang Kyu Rhee

Abstract: In this study, the colloidal stability and sedimentation behavior of crystalline TiO2 particles (∼300nm) in various organic solvents have...

Authors: Soon Jik Hong, K.S. Hwang, Jai Won Byeon, Min Ku Lee, Chang Kyu Rhee, Byong Sun Chun

Abstract: The n-type (95%Bi2Te3- 5%Bi2Se3) compound was newly fabricated by gas atomization and hot extrusion, which is considered to be a mass...

Authors: Upendra A. Joshi, Jae Sung Lee

Abstract: The La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 nanocubes have been synthesized by simple precipitation followed by hydrothermal process. The as-obtained nanocubes were...


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