Nanocomposites and Nanoporous Materials VII

Volume 119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Isak Rajjak Shaikh, Sang Eon Park

Abstract: The novel cobalt incorporated nickel phosphate, (CoNiPO4), has been synthesized from aqueous system with triethyl amine (TEA) as an organic...

Authors: Hyun Ju Kim, Dong Yoon Lee, Bo Kun Koo, Won Jae Lee, Jae Sung Song

Abstract: Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) is of great interest as one of renewable energy sources. So far, many investigations related to TiO2...

Authors: Kyung Won La, Min Hye Youn, Jin Suk Chung, Sung Hyeon Baeck, In Kyu Song

Abstract: CexTi1-xO2 and H3PW12O40/CexTi1-xO2 catalysts were prepared by sol-gel method, and they were applied to the direct synthesis of dimethyl...

Authors: Ajayan Vinu, Srinivasan Anandan, Narasimhan Gokularkrishnan, Pavuluri Srinivasu, Toshiyuki Mori, Katsuhiko Ariga

Abstract: Mesoporous carbon nitride materials have been synthesized using SBA-15 by pore filling technique whereas mesoporous boron nitride and boron...

Authors: Hyun Shil La, Joon Pyo Jeun, Jae Hak Choi, Phil Hyun Kang, Youn Sik Lee, Young Chang Nho

Abstract: Silicon (Si) nanoparticles were stabilized by sodium dodecyl sulfate and poly(Nvinylpyrrolidone) in water, and coated with polypyrrole...

Authors: Jae Hak Choi, Phil Hyun Kang, Young Chang Nho, Sung Kwon Hong

Abstract: Nanocomposite materials based on poly(p-hydroxystyrene-co-2-methyl-2-adamantyl methacrylate-co-methacrylisobutyl-POSS) were synthesized and...

Authors: Y. Jung, Jei Won Yeon, Yeong Keong Ha

Abstract: We present the preparation and Cu(II) adsorption characteristics of a new and innovative composite which was composed of a...

Authors: Eun Hee Lee, Min Ku Lee, Chang Kyu Rhee

Abstract: In order to select the most suitable solvent for the stable dispersion of Alloy 625 nanoparticles, we investigated the effects of several...

Authors: Young Buem Song, Chun Pyo Hong

Abstract: The dynamic process of fine grain evolution of 6061 aluminum alloy during modified strain-induced, melt-activated (SIMA) process was...

Authors: Won Jae Lee, Easwaramoorthi Ramasamy, Dong Yoon Lee, Jae Sung Song

Abstract: Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) have great potential alternative to expensive conventional solar cells, since high efficiency and...


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