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Authors: Yoon Suk Chang, Seong In Moon, Young Jin Kim, Jin Ho Lee, Myung Ho Song, Young Hwan Choi
Abstract:In this paper, conservatisms of current plugging criteria on steam generator tubes are reviewed and six new failure prediction models for...
Authors: Kunio Hasegawa, Hiroaki Tamako, Katsumasa Miyazaki
Abstract:JSME Code on Fitness-for Service for Nuclear Power Generation Facilities defines allowable subsurface flaws for Class 1 ferritic vessels in...
Authors: Naoki Miura, Katsumasa Miyazaki, Masakazu Hisatsune, Kunio Hasegawa, Koichi Kashima
Abstract:To achieve a rational maintenance program for aged Light Water Reactor components, it is important to establish and to improve the flaw...
Authors: Rwei Ching Chang, Jhy Jen Shyr
Authors: Jien Jong Chen, Yan Shin Shih
Abstract:James performed a series of experimental study on austenitic stainless steels and suggested an equation for assessing the influences of...
Authors: Hak Joon Kim, R. Bruce Thompson, Sung Jin Song
Abstract:Ultrasonic phased array inspection has been paid a great attention in ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation since it can provide a benefit of...
Authors: Yoshihiro Isobe, Mitsuyuki Sagisaka, Shinobu Yoshimura, Genki Yagawa
Abstract:As an application of probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) and a financial method, a risk-benefit model was developed for the purpose of...
Authors: Hui Je Cho, Dae Sung Bae, Jin Hwan Choi, Ja Choon Koo
Abstract:Dynamic analysis of many mechanical systems is often involved with contacts among bodies. This paper presents an efficient and...
Authors: K.H. Lee, Oh Chae Kwon
Abstract:A new burner configuration for a compact fuel-cell reformer with a high-temperature air combustion concept was studied. The burner was...
Authors: Kwang Su Kim, Hun Mo Kim, Youn Jea Kim
Abstract:Because of design and manufacturing costs, it is important to predict an expected life of bellows with component stresses of bellows as its...
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