Nano-Structured Carbon Nitride Films for Microsensor Applications


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Nano-structured carbon nitride film, which is a new sensor material, has been prepared by facing target magnetron sputter for microsensor applications. Surface morphology, surface roughness and bonding structures of the films were investigated by EDS, SEM, AFM and FTIR spectroscopy. The growth rate of film is about 2.2 um/hr, and grain size and RMS roughness are about 320 nm and 0.9 nm, respectively. The impedance of micro-humidity-sensor, which was fabricated by the conventional semiconductor fabrication process including lift-off technique, changed 95.4 kΩ to 2 kΩ in the relative humidity range of 5 % to 95 %.



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 121-123)

Edited by:

Chunli BAI, Sishen XIE, Xing ZHU




J.G. Lee and S.P. Lee, "Nano-Structured Carbon Nitride Films for Microsensor Applications", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 121-123, pp. 1199-1202, 2007

Online since:

March 2007





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