Embodiment and Luminescence Properties of Sr3SiO5:Eu(Yellow-Orange Phosphor) by Co-Doping Lanthanide


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We have synthesized a Eu2+-activated lanthanide co-doped Sr3SiO5 : Eu yellow-orange phosphor. In this experiment, sample powder has been synthesized by conventional solid state method. It was calculated that luminescent efficiency of a Gd3+ co-doped Sr3SiO5:Eu phosphor sample is up to 105% than that of only Sr3SiO5:Eu phosphor. Those samples can be applied such as phosphor for white LED lamps through integrating on the UV or blue chips. On the contrary, the use of a Dy, Ce, Pr and lanthanide short of Gd by the co-doping materials was caused by decreasing luminescent intensity. The emission band was shifted from 572nm to short wavelengths by co-doping lanthanide. The emission band of a Nd3+ co-doped Sr3SiO5 : Eu phosphor sample was not symmetrical at 570nm. As Nd3+ concentration increased, two emission bands were observed



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 124-126)

Edited by:

Byung Tae Ahn, Hyeongtag Jeon, Bo Young Hur, Kibae Kim and Jong Wan Park




H. G. Kang et al., "Embodiment and Luminescence Properties of Sr3SiO5:Eu(Yellow-Orange Phosphor) by Co-Doping Lanthanide", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 124-126, pp. 511-514, 2007

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June 2007




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