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Authors: T. Horii, M. Ishikawa, Soshu Kirihara, Yoshinari Miyamoto, Nobu Yamanaka
Abstract:A newly developed freeform fabrication process named 3D Micro-Welding, which is a combined system of a micro-TIG welding and a layered...
Authors: Yukio Makino, Kesami Saito, Yoshihiro Murakami, Katsuhiko Asami
Abstract:In order to examine the critical content of AlN for phase change from B1 type to B4 type, Zr-Al-N and Nb-Al-N pseudobinary films were...
Authors: Katsuhiko Asami, M. Kikuchi
Abstract:Rusts formed on several types of weathering steels and a plain carbon steel exposed to environments for a long term were investigated by...
Authors: Naofumi Ohtsu, Kesami Saito, Katsuhiko Asami, Takao Hanawa, Hisamichi Kimura
Abstract:Characterization of heat-treated CaTiO3 thin films of 10, 20, 30 and 50 nm in thickness and their change after immersion in a simulated body...
Authors: Akira Yamauchi, Kyosuke Yoshimi, Yoshihiro Murakami, Kazuya Kurokawa, Shuji Hanada
Abstract:Isothermal oxidation behavior of Al added Mo-Si-B in-situ composites was investigated under Ar-20%O2 and air atmosphere over the temperature...
Authors: Kiyozumi Niizuma, Takahiro Hayakawa, Yoshio Utsushikawa
Abstract:The authors investigated on the electrical property and the photo-catalytic activity of TiO2 thin films deposited in Ar+O2 atmosphere by RF...
Authors: Kazuya Kurokawa, Akira Yamauchi
Authors: Naoya Masahashi, G. Kimura, M. Oku, Shuji Hanada
Abstract:The corrosion behavior of pre-treated Fe–Al alloy in a sulfuric acid solution and chloride-containing solution was studied. Alumina layer...
Authors: Yuichi Setsuhara, Kosuke Takenaka, Akinori Ebe, Kazuaki Nishisaka
Abstract:This article reports characteristics of plasmas sustained with LIA modules and profile control capabilities. Experiments with a meter-scale...
Authors: Mitsuyasu Yatsuzuka, Yoshihiro Oka, Akifumi Tomita, Noritaka Murata, Mitsuaki Hirota
Abstract:Diamond-like carbon film (DLC) with an interlayer of plasma sprayed tungsten-carbide (WC) was prepared on an aluminum alloy substrate...
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