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Authors: M. Yamashita, S. Hanaki, D. Iwasaki, H. Uchida
Abstract:Titanium boron nitride (Ti,B)N films have been prepared by depositing Ti and B atom vapor on a (100) Si single crystal and an amorphous...
Authors: Hong Yuan Fang, Cheng Iei Fan
Abstract:Numerical simulation method is employed in the article to analyze the stress field of thick 7B04 aluminum alloy board during manufacturing...
Authors: Jie Zhang, L.Y. Lin, J.C. Xu, X.Q. Liu
Abstract:YG8 cemented carbide and A3 steel were jointed by induction brazing using filler alloys of CuZnMn and CuZnMnCo respectively. Microstructure...
Authors: Yasushi Fukuzawa, Shigeru Nagasawa, Shigehiko Takaoka
Abstract:To make the tungsten and copper joint, several methods has been tried using the diffusion bonding system. When the thin plating Ni layer was...
Authors: Yasuo Takahashi, Masakatsu Maeda, Takehisa Doki, Souta Matsusaka
Abstract:Vjg"rwtrqug"qh"vjg"rtgugpv"uvwf{"ku"vq"enctkh{"vjg"tqqo"vgorgtcvwtg"oketq/dqpfkpi"dg/ ...
Authors: Hidefumi Date, Masaaki Naka
Abstract:When a cylindrical projectile is impact-welded to a flat target, a compound layer is usually observed at the joining interface as a result...
Authors: Akio Nishimoto, Katsuya Akamatsu
Abstract:Pulsed electric current sintering (PECS) was applied to the bonding of W (tungsten) to Cu (copper) using Nb or Ni powder as an intermediate...
Authors: Seiji Katayama, Yasuaki Naito, Satoru Uchiumi, Masami Mizutani
Abstract:Hybrid welding of stainless steels or aluminum alloys was performed using the heat sources of YAG laser and TIG, or YAG laser and MIG,...
Authors: Kazuyoshi Saida, Woo Hyun Song, Kazutoshi Nishimoto
Authors: Takuya Tsumura, Fu Xing Ye, Taichi Murakami, Hideo Nakajima, Kazuhiro Nakata
Abstract:Lotus-type porous metals, whose pores are aligned in one direction by unidirectional solidification, have a unique combination of...
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