Doped Nanopowders

Volume 128

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Heiko Paul, Harald Kaps, Thomas Gleich, Vahid Raeesi, Ulrich Herr, M. Zachau

Abstract: Nano-crystalline YAG:Ce (Y3Al5O12:Ce) with an average particle size of 10-50 nm was synthesized by the vapour phase reaction (CVR) in a...

Authors: Barbara Górnicka, Bolesław Mazurek, Witold Mielcarek, Krystyna Prociów, Joanna Warycha

Abstract: In this work the laboratory–scale installation for synthesising powder materials with nano-size grains is presented. Nano-sized zinc and...

Authors: Anotnio Rizzuti, Massimo Viviani, Anna Corradi, Paolo Nanni, Cristina Leonelli

Abstract: In this work attempts to prepare strontium-doped lanthanum manganites La1-xSrxMnO3 using microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis were...

Authors: M.T. Borowiec, A. Deptuła, Witold Łojkowski, Stanislaw Gierlotka, V.P. Dyakonov, Wiesława Łada, T. Olczak, D. Wawszczak, P. Aleshkevych, W. Domuchowski, T. Zayarnyuk, M. Barański, M. Czech, H. Szymczak

Abstract: Nanocomposites (nanocrystals) of KY(WO4)2 and KY(WO4)2+1% mol Yb were synthesized using a Complex Sol-Gel Process (CSGP). A chemical...

Authors: Emanuela Callone, Giovanni Carturan, Yoann Jestin, Maurizio Ferrari

Abstract: Yb3+ doped SnO2 nanocrystals were synthesized, using the hydrolytic route in the presence of starch as the size stabilizer. Starting from...

Authors: Tadeusz Chudoba, Mathieu Teyssier, Witold Łojkowski

Abstract: The agglomeration of YAG (Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet Y3Al5O12) nanopowders doped with various rare earth ions obtained by the coprecipitation...

Authors: R.A. Varin, Ch. Chiu, Zbigniew S. Wronski, Andrzej Calka

Abstract: In this work oxidized and oxide-free amorphous boron (a-B) powder and elemental Mg were used in an attempt to directly synthesize the...

Authors: Je Hong Park, Sung Hoon Lee, Jong Su Kim, Tae Wan Kim, Hong Lee Park

Abstract: Manganese-doped ZnS nanophosphors were synthesized by two different methods: hydrothermal and low-temperature precipitation methods. The...

Authors: Th. Wichert, Z. Guan

Abstract: The synthesis behaviour and characterisation of nanocrystalline materials is presented. The materials synthesised are ZnO and InP doped...


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