Doped Nanopowders

Volume 128

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Joanna Ryszkowska, Ewelina Zawadzak, Piotr Zapart, Witold Łojkowski, A. Opalińska, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Abstract: This paper presents the results of studies on ZrO2 containing 10% Eu3+ as a nanofiller in polyurethane nanocomposites with luminescent...

Authors: G. Ledoux, Yann Leconte, D. Amans, C. Dujardin, Lionel Combemale, Nathalie Herlin-Boime, Cecile Reynaud

Abstract: Rare earth doped materials have many familiar applications (TV screens, solid lasers, scintillators…) thanks to their efficient and robust...

Authors: Harald Kaps, Mohammad Lutful Arefin, Ulrich Herr, Heiko Paul

Abstract: Nanocrystalline (Y1-xEux)2O3 powder was synthesized via a chemical vapour reaction. Xray diffraction revealed the structure of cubic yttria...

Authors: V. Pankratov, Larisa Grigorjeva, Donats Millers, Tadeusz Chudoba, Robert Fedyk, Witold Łojkowski

Abstract: Time-resolved luminescence characteristics have been studied for cerium doped YAG nanopowders (NP) and nanostructured ceramics (NC). The...

Authors: Sung Hoon Lee, Je Hong Park, Jong Su Kim, Tae Wan Kim, Hong Lee Park

Abstract: Spray pyrolysis was used to prepare ZnS:Mn2+ yellow nanophosphor. As an increase in firing temperature for spray pyrolysis, more...

Authors: S.V. Trukhanov, I.O. Troyanchuk, A.V. Trukhanov, H. Szymczak

Abstract: A-site ordered PrBaMn2O6 manganites were obtained by a two-step synthesis process. The chemical composition, crystal structure, magnetic...

Authors: Marcin Soboń, I.E. Lipiński, J. Typek, Aleksander Guskos, Urszula Narkiewicz, Marcin Podsiadły

Abstract: Agglomerated cobalt magnetic nanoparticles coated with carbon, dispersed in a paraffin matrix, were prepared and investigated by FMR...

Authors: G. Leniec, Slawomir M. Kaczmarek, J. Typek, Beata Kołodziej, Eugeniusz Grech, W. Schilf

Abstract: As a result of the Schiff base condensation the gadolinium macroacyclic and macrobicyclic Schiff base complexes have been synthesized and...

Authors: Adam Worsztynowicz, Slawomir M. Kaczmarek, Elzbieta Tomaszewicz

Abstract: New d-electron and rare-earth metal tungstates (CoRE2W2O10; CoRE4W3O16; Co2RE2W3O14 and NiRE2W2O10) were studied by the IR and EPR...

Authors: N. Guskos, M. Maryniak, J. Typek, Iwona Pełech, Urszula Narkiewicz, Zbigniew. Rosłaniec, Magdalena Kwiatkowska

Abstract: Two different concentrations of nanocrystalline material: α-Fe/C were prepared by the carburization of nanocrystalline iron and...


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