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Authors: Armel Le Bail
Abstract:Elementary to sophisticated approaches allow for crystal structure prediction from empirical and theoretical principles since a few decades....
Authors: Andrew N. Fitch
Abstract:The highly-collimated, intense X-rays produced by a synchrotron radiation source can be harnessed to build high-resolution powder...
Authors: Fujio Izumi, Koichi Momma
Abstract:A multi-purpose pattern-fitting system, RIETAN-2000, has been extensively utilized to contribute to many structural studies. It offers a...
Authors: Angela Altomare, Rocco Caliandro, Mercedes Camalli, Corrado Cuocci, Iván da Silva, Carmelo Giacovazzo, Anna Grazia Giuseppina Moliterni, Rosanna Rizzi
Authors: Paolo Scardi, Matteo Leoni, Mirco D'Incau
Abstract:The recent evolution of powder diffraction line profile analysis toward full pattern methods is discussed. Specific reference is made to the...
Authors: Walter Steurer, Daniel Sutter-Widmer
Abstract:The main advantage of quasiperiodicity for the design of photonic and phononic crystals is the arbitrarily high rotational symmetry, which...
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