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Authors: Uwe Zschenderlein, B. Kämpfe, Bernd Schultrich, Gudrun Fritsche
Abstract:Internal stresses are very important for the performance of protective hard coatings. Tensile stresses favour the formation and propagation...
Authors: I. Tomov, S. Vassilev
Abstract:Accounting for secondary extinction (SE) of the intensities measured from a textured film by means of conventional X-ray diffractometer, a...
Authors: S.J. Skrzypek, M. Goły, Wiktoria Ratuszek, Mieczyslaw Kowalski
Abstract:The non-destructive structure characterisation of surface layers for various kinds of ball bearings can be a powerful method in surface...
Authors: J.L. Collet, Françoise Bley, Alexis Deschamps, H. de Monestrol, Jean François Berar, Colin Scott
Abstract:Fully austenitic steels of the Fe-Mn-C system can show extensive deformation twinning (TWIP effect). The deformed microstructure of such...
Authors: Janusz Ryś, Wiktoria Ratuszek, Małgorzata Witkowska
Abstract:The present examination concerns a comparison of rolling texture development in two stainless steels of duplex type with different...
Authors: J. Pielaszek, J.R. Dygas, F. Krok, D. Lisovytskiy, Monika Kopeć, M. Marzantowicz
Abstract:Laboratory prepared and commercial Li-Mn spinels were studied. Making use of the dedicated XRD-impedance spectroscopy experimental set-up,...
Authors: Paweł Piszora
Abstract:The formation of the tetragonal high-pressure structure, attributed to the Jahn-Teller distortion, was proved. The c/a axial ratio shows an...
Authors: Paweł Pacek, Krystyna Wokulska, Jan Dec, Tadeusz Łukasiewicz
Abstract:Single crystals of composition Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6 (space group P4bm) were prepared using the Czochralski method. The Bond's method of the...
Authors: Jan Drahokoupil, M. Čerňanský, N. Ganev, Kamil Kolařík, Zdenek Pala
Authors: Izabela Jendrzejewska, Alicja Waśkowska, Elżbieta Augustyn
Abstract:The single crystals of ZnCr2Se4 spinel doped with manganese were prepared by the chemical vapour transport in closed silica tubes using...
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