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Authors: Wojciech Gurdziel, Zygmunt Wokulski, Krzysztof Szostek, Jacek Krawczyk, Paweł Stępniewski

Abstract: The subject of the study is the composite material of CoSi2-Si eutectic composition. The influence of crystallization speed on...

Authors: F. Stergioudi, D.N. Tsipas

Abstract: The evolution of the Fe-Si phase’s formation during siliconising of ferrous material was studied. The examined coatings were formed at 990...

Authors: Ewa Maciążek, Tomasz Goryczka, Izabela Jendrzejewska

Abstract: The polycrystalline Cd0.5Ge0.5Cr2Se4 and CdCr1.9Ge0.075Se4 compounds were obtained using ceramic method. X-ray analysis was used to make...

Authors: Małgorzata Karolus, Edward Rówiński, Eugeniusz Łągiewka

Abstract: Electrolytical layers of Ni-Mo alloys with polypyrrole, polytiofene and polyethylene were deposited on steel substrate (St3S, 4 cm2). After...

Authors: Stanislaw Pikus, Ihor Melnyk, Roman E. Gladyshevskii

Abstract: The structure of the compound Sm6Al3Si was refined from X-ray powder diffraction data (Tb6Al3Si structure type, space group I4/mcm, a =...

Authors: Z. Wiśniewski, Ludwik Górski, J.L. Nowiński, R. Wiśniewski

Abstract: Structure and pressure induced volume change of silver ion superionic conductors were investigated. Research concentrated on three groups...

Authors: Kinga Rodak, Tomasz Goryczka

Abstract: Polycrystalline Cu has been deformed at room temperature by oscillatory compression method to true reduction εh = 0.6 and 1. Microstructure...

Authors: Yuri N. Koval, G.E. Monastyrsky, Valeri V. Odnosum, Tomasz Czeppe, R.Ya. Musienko, A.Yu. Sezonenko

Abstract: Influence of the Ga alloying on the crystal structure and parameters of the martensitic transformation are presented. X-ray diffraction has...

Authors: Richard Portier, Philippe Vermaut, Patrick Ochin, Tomasz Goryczka, Jorge Malarría

Abstract: The thermoelastic martensitic transformation which gives remarkable functional properties to Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) is very sensitive to...

Authors: Concepcio Seguí, Jaume Pons, Eduard Cesari

Abstract: The present work analyses the influence of austenite ordering on a single crystal Ni-Mn- Ga alloy which displays, on cooling, a sequence of...


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