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Authors: Marek Gigla, Paweł Szczeszek

Abstract: Transmission electron microscopy studies of the Ni2MnGa alloy showed that in the diffraction patterns there exist two additional effect...

Authors: B. Kostrubiec, Krystian Prusik, Ł. Madej, Henryk Morawiec

Abstract: In the present paper the effect of heat treatment on microstructure, martensitic transformation temperatures and magnetic properties...

Authors: Zdzisław Lekston, Tomasz Goryczka

Abstract: A new Ti50Ni48.7Ta1.3 shape memory alloy was designed for medical application. In order to influence the martensitic transformation...

Authors: Tomasz Goryczka, Paweł Pączkowski, Józef Lelątko, Tadeusz Wierzchoń, Henryk Morawiec

Abstract: In order to increase corrosion resistance, the NiTi shape memory alloy was covered by protection layers using glow discharge method....

Authors: Tomasz Rzychoń, Andrzej Kiełbus, Bożena Bierska-Piech

Abstract: Precipitation hardened magnesium-rare earth alloys offer attractive properties for the aerospace and racing automotive industries. The most...

Authors: Mirosław Pilawa, Elżbieta Jezierska

Abstract: Transmission electron microscopy was used to study various morphologies of ordered precipitates in Ni3Al-Cr intermetallic alloy. It was...

Authors: Lidia Lityńska-Dobrzyńska

Abstract: In the present work the sequence of phases in Al-1%Mg-0.6%Si-1%Cu (in wt %) alloys with 0.4%Sc and 0.2%Zr additions during heat treatment...

Authors: Krzysztof Ziewiec, Józef Lelątko, Paweł Pączkowski, Krzysztof Bryła

Abstract: The Ni64Cu9Fe8P19 alloy was prepared using 99.95 wt % Ni, 99.95 wt % Cu, 99.95 wt % Fe and Ni-P master alloy. The melt spun ribbon in...

Authors: Z. Stokłosa, G. Badura, P. Kwapuliński, Józef Rasek, G. Haneczok, Józef Lelątko, Lucjan Pająk

Abstract: The crystallization and optimization of magnetic properties effects in FeXSiB (X=Cu, V, Co, Zr, Nb) amorphous alloys were studied by...

Authors: Andrzej Kiełbus

Abstract: The paper presents results of TEM investigations of Elektron 21 magnesium alloy in as cast condition and after heat treatment. The...


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