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Authors: Artur Hanc, J.E. Frąckowiak, F. Binczyk, Grzegorz Dercz, Lucjan Pająk, A. Tomczyk
Abstract:The Fe-Al-X and Fe-Al-Ni-X (X = Fe,Ni,Cu,Cr) metallic powders obtained by the selfdecomposition method and next intensive grinding in an...
Authors: J.E. Frąckowiak, Artur Hanc, Grzegorz Dercz, Lucjan Pająk, Boleslaw Formanek
Abstract:The systematic studies of non-stoichiometric phases from Fe-Al system obtained by selfpropagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) were the...
Authors: Grzegorz Cieślak, Jerzy Latuch, Tadeusz Kulik
Abstract:Nanocrystalline Al-based alloys containing silicon (Si), rare earth metal (RE) and late transition metal (Ni), combine high tensile strength...
Authors: N. Michos, D. Chaliampalias, G. Vourlias, N. Pistofidis, F. Stergioudis
Abstract:This work aims to investigate the feasibility of Zn-Al deposition on low alloy steels at temperatures from 400 up to 440oC by pack...
Authors: Joachim Kusz
Abstract:The mechanism of the long range ordering during the spin crossover transition in the Fe (II) complexes is described in the paper.
Authors: Grzegorz Dercz, Lucjan Pająk, Krystian Prusik, Roman Pielaszek, Janusz J. Malinowski, Wojciech Pudło
Abstract:Wet gel obtained by sol-gel technique was dried in supercritical CO2 to prepare hydrated form of magnesium oxide. Calcination at 723 K under...
Authors: G. Vourlias, N. Pistofidis, D. Chaliampalias, F. Stergioudis
Abstract:One of the most effective methods for the protection of ferrous substrates from corrosion is zinc hot-dip galvanizing. Although this method...
Authors: Dariusz Chrobak, Artur Chrobak, Roman Nowak
Abstract:The present paper reports molecular dynamics study of the elastic deformation of zinc- blende GaAs crystal by spherical diamond indenter...
Authors: J. Podwórny, T. Wala, J. Sawków
Abstract:were synthesized in a two-step sintering process. Qualitative and quantitative XRD and Rietveld method were applied to control the degree of...
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