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Authors: Nathan Stoddard, Bei Wu, Ian Witting, Magnus C. Wagener, Yongkook Park, George A. Rozgonyi, Roger Clark
Abstract:A novel crystal growth method has been developed for the production of ingots, bricks and wafers for solar cells. Monocrystallinity is...
Authors: J. Chen, Takashi Sekiguchi, S. Ito, De Ren Yang
Abstract:The carrier recombination activities of small angle (SA) grain boundaries (GBs) in multicrystalline Si (mc-Si) were systematically...
Authors: Gianluca Coletti, L.J. Geerligs, P. Manshanden, C. Swanson, Stephan Riepe, Wilhelm Warta, J. Arumughan, R. Kopecek
Abstract:This paper investigates the impact of iron (Fe) and molybdenum (Mo) when they are introduced in the feedstock for mono- and multicrystalline...
Authors: G.N. Kamaev, M.D. Efremov, V.A. Stuchinsky, B.I. Mihailov, S.G. Kurkin
Abstract:In present work temperature stable conductivity is considered for neutron-doped FZ silicon with point radiation defects. It was shown that...
Authors: Hongbo Li, Ronald Franken, Robert L. Stolk, Jatindra K. Rath, Ruud E.I. Schropp
Authors: Alessia Le Donne, Simona Binetti, Giovanni Isella, Bernard Pichaud, Michael Texier, Maurizio Acciarri, Sergio Pizzini
Abstract:The knowledge and control of the structural and morphological properties of nanocrystalline silicon is a fundamental requisite for its...
Authors: Horst P. Strunk
Abstract:Epitaxial group-III nitride films, although in single crystalline form, contain still a large number of threading dislocations. These set...
Authors: Eddy Simoen, K. Opsomer, Cor Claeys, Karen Maex, Christophe Detavernier, R.L. Van Meirhaeghe, Paul Clauws
Abstract:In this paper, the deep levels occurring in Fe- or Co-germanide Schottky barriers on ntype Ge have been studied by Deep Level Transient...
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