Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces VIII

Volume 134

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.134

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Authors: Mike S. Ameen, Aseem K. Srivastava, Ivan L. Berry

Abstract: We have investigated the use of Rs and SIMS measurements to quantify substrate erosion due to plasma ashing and subsequent wet cleaning...

Authors: Aseem K. Srivastava, Ke Ping Han, Mike S. Ameen, Ivan L. Berry, Stu Rounds
Authors: Salima Abu Jeriban, Ivette Guiot, Luc Bacherius, Joris Proost, Erik Sleeckx, Rita Vos, Paul W. Mertens
Authors: Hyo Geun Yoon, Sang Hyun Lee, Woo Jin Kim, Geun Min Choi, Young Wook Song
Authors: Claus Dieter Ohl, Rory Dijkink, Manish Arora, Detlef Lohse
Authors: Guy Vereecke, J. Veltens, Kai Dong Xu, Atsuro Eitoku, Kenichi Sano, Sophia Arnauts, Karine Kenis, James Snow, Chris Vinckier, Paul W. Mertens

Abstract: With the continuous shrinkage of critical sizes in semiconductor manufacturing, nano-particles smaller than 100-nm are becoming a potential...

Authors: Yi Koan Hong, Young Jae Kang, Jin Goo Park, Sang Yeob Han, Seong Kyu Yun, Bo Un Yoon, Chang Ki Hong

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of slurry pH on the adhesion and removal of silica and ceria abrasive particles on...

Authors: Francesca Barbagini, Wim Fyen, Jan Van Hoeymissen, Paul W. Mertens, Jan Fransaer
Authors: Silvia Armini, Ruslan Burtovyy, Igor Luzinov, Caroline M. Whelan, Karen Maex, Mansour Moinpour
Authors: Sonja Sioncke, Marcel Lux, Wim Fyen, Marc Meuris, Paul W. Mertens, Antoon Theuwis

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