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Authors: Boon Cheng Goh, Felicia Goh, Christopher Lim, Zainab Ismail, Mei Sheng Zhou
Abstract:Megasonic cleaning using de-gassed water (less than 2ppm N2, O2, CO2) in a 300mm batch immersion tool often does not give optimal particle...
Authors: Kurt Wostyn, Vincent Quenette, Guy Vereecke, Paul W. Mertens
Abstract:In order to obtain high yields during IC manufacturing, particles - added during layer deposition, etching … - have to be removed. In order...
Authors: Bram Borkent, Nicolas Bremond, Manish Arora, Claus Dieter Ohl, Detlef Lohse
Authors: Yang Lae Lee, Eui Su Lim, Kook Jin Kang, Hyun Se Kim, Tae Gon Kim, Sang Ho Lee, Jin Goo Park
Abstract:T type megasonic waveguide was analyzed by finite element method (FEM), acoustic pressure measurements and particle removal efficiency for...
Authors: Tom Janssens, Frank Holsteyns, Karine Kenis, Sophia Arnauts, Twan Bearda, Kurt Wostyn, Gavin Simpson, Andy Steinbach, Paul W. Mertens
Abstract:The local particle removal efficiency (PRE) of nano particles in megasonic cleaning experiments is studied. This approach makes it possible...
Authors: Seung Ho Lee, Tae Gon Kim, Tae Young Kwon, Jin Goo Park, So Ik Bae, Gun Ho Lee, In Jung Kim
Abstract:Ozonated DI water was supplied to make alkaline cleaning solutions to replace SC1 chemicals in a bath with and without recirculation. With...
Authors: Kenichi Sano, Frederik E. Leys, G. Dilliway, Roger Loo, Paul W. Mertens, James Snow, Akira Izumi, Atsuro Eitoku
Authors: Yannick Borde, Adrien Danel, A. Roche, A. Grouillet, Marc Veillerot
Authors: Dong Won Hwang, Jae Seok Lee, Pil Kwon Jun, Yang Ku Lee, Seung Ki Chae
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