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Authors: Jong Min Lee, Young Kyu Hwang, Ajit Singh Mamman, Sang Min Lee, Do Young Hong, Kook Young Ahn, Jong San Chang
Abstract:Influence of steam, loading amounts of Pd (viz., 0.7, 2.1, 5.4 wt %) and other process parameters (viz. GHSV and temperature) on...
Authors: Hyun Gi Jung, Young Hun Cheong, In Dong Han, So Jin Kim, Sung Goon Kang
Abstract:Mechanical processing of nanocrystalline Y2O3 and transition alumina (AlOOH) was performed, using a Spex mixer mill under atmospheric...
Authors: Jung Goo Lee, Ryusuke Nakamura, Daisuke Tokozakura, Hideo Nakajima, Hirotaro Mori, Jong Hoon Lee
Abstract:The formation of hollow zinc oxide has been studied by oxidation and subsequent thermal treatment of nanometer-sized zinc particles using...
Authors: Hae Sic Kim, Hyun Suk Kang, Gyo Jin Chu, Hong Sik Byun
Abstract:The antifungal effectiveness against rose powdery mildew using antimicrobial nanosilver colloidal solution was investigated....
Authors: Yu Peng Guo, Nam Hee Lee, Hyo Jin Oh, Cho Rong Yoon, Chang Kyu Rhee, Kyung Sub Lee, Sun Jae Kim
Abstract:In this study, we have successfully developed the technology to grow the nanotube array thin films from dip-coated titania using...
Authors: So Jin Kim, Won Kyu Han, Sung Goon Kang, Min Su Han, Young Hun Cheong
Abstract:Lanthanum hydroxide and oxide were prepared by the precipitation method in an aqueous medium at room temperature. The precipitate was...
Authors: In Hyuck Song, Yong Jin Kim, Hai Doo Kim, Dong Pyo Kim
Abstract:In this study, two-dimensional (2D) ordered macroporous SiCN ceramics were prepared by infiltrating sacrificial colloidal silica (SiO2)...
Authors: Young Kyu Hwang, Ajit Singh Mamman, K. R. Patil, Lee Kyung Kim, Jin Soo Hwang, Jong San Chang
Abstract:Reflectometry technique has been successfully applied to investigate the correlation between the porosity and optical property (refractive...
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