Nanocomposites and Nanoporous Materials VIII

Volume 135

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shin Dong Kim, Soo Jin Park, Young Seak Lee

Abstract: In this work, nano-sized nickel particles were dispersed on multi-walled carbon nanotubes using multi-step impregnation method, to use them...

Authors: Ji Sun Im, Soo Jin Park, Young Seak Lee

Abstract: In this work, carbon nanofibers(CNFs) were prepared by using electrospinning method. Phosphoric acid and sodium carbonate activation of...

Authors: Jeong Min Lee, K. Palanivelu, Young Seak Lee

Abstract: This research involved the deposition of chitosan on the surface of activated carbon(AC) to get an adsorbent(CS-AC) to removal Cr(VI) from...

Authors: Kwang Eun Jeong, Ho Jeong Chae, Ung Chul Kim, Soon Yong Jeong, Wha Seung Ahn

Abstract: Transition metal (iron, cobalt, and chromium) substituted Hexagonal Mesoporous Aluminophosphate (HMA), and AlPO4-5 were studied for the...

Authors: Kee Nam Choo, Bong Goo Kim

Abstract: A material capsule system including a main capsule, a fixing, a control, a cutting, and a transport system was developed for an irradiation...

Authors: Badrul Munir, Rachmat Adhi Wibowo, Kyoo Ho Kim

Abstract: Cu(In0.75Al0.25)Se2 thin films were prepared using both one-step sputtering and two-stage process involving sputtering and selenization....

Authors: Dong Jin Kim, Hyuk Chul Kwon, Seong Sik Hwang, Hong Pyo Kim

Abstract: Alloy 600(74wt% Ni, 15wt% Cr, 9wt% Fe) is used as a material for steam generator tubing in pressurized water reactors(PWR) due to its high...

Authors: Sung Ho Kim, Chang Hee Han, Woo Seog Ryu

Abstract: The precipitation of nano Cr2N particles in high Cr FM steels has been studied. The nitrogen content of the FM steels was changed to form...

Authors: Hyung Ha Jin, Chan Sun Shin, Hu Chul Lee

Abstract: The influence of vanadium on the development of an acicular ferrite microstructure has been investigated in a low carbon steel. Optical and...

Authors: Hyung Ha Jin, Chan Sun Shin, Hu Chul Lee, Wheung Whoe Kim

Abstract: A nucleation of intragranular ferrite grains by B1-type non-metallic inclusions was investigated using electron microscopes. Intragranular...


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