Advanced Structural and Functional Materials for Protection, 2008

Volume 136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.V. Hosur, Jessie B. Mayo Jr., E. Wetzel, S. Jeelani

Abstract: Kevlar has demonstrated the ability to protect well against ballistic threats but has low resistance to puncture. Correctional Kevlar has...

Authors: Sioh Ek Leng

Abstract: Ceramic composite armour in general utilises a front layer of dense ceramic, typically backed by a second layer of metal. Thereby creating...

Authors: B. Suresha, T. Jayaraju, P.R. Sadananda Rao, Mohammed Ismail, Kunigal N. Shivakumar

Abstract: Fiber reinforced polymer composites are generally known to possess high strength and attractive wear resistance in dry sliding conditions....

Authors: Madusudhanan R. Parlapalli, Kwok C. Soh, Dong Wei Shu

Abstract: In the present paper, effects of through-the-thickness stitching of delaminated glass/epoxy composite laminates with two different types of...

Authors: Da Zhi Jiang, Fu Biao Yang, Su Li Xing, Jia Yu Xiao

Abstract: Traditional sandwich structure consists of two face sheets and a core. With an internal sheet inserted into the core, a two-core sandwich...

Authors: Lian Yong Xu, Hong Yang Jing, Jun Wei, Hui Zou

Abstract: In this paper, the local approach based on the Weibull stress criterion was used to investigate the interfacial fracture behavior between...

Authors: Satreerat K. Hodak, T. Seppänen, Sukkaneste Tungasmita

Abstract: The ternary nitride (Zr,Ti)N thin films were grown on silicon substrates by ion-assisted dual d.c. reactive magnetron sputtering technique....

Authors: Vijay Kumar Srivastava, Saurabh Srivastava, Ratnamala Chatterjee

Abstract: The initials results on growth and structural properties of Ni-Mn-Al full Heusler alloy thin films on silicon substrates deposited by RF...

Authors: Bryan Lim, Pei Jun Hong

Abstract: Concrete when subjected to a blast loading from a close-in detonation will experience spalling due to formation of tension waves on the...

Authors: Agung Purniawan, E. Hamzah, M.R.M. Toff

Abstract: Diamond is the hardest material and has high chemical resistant which is one form of carbon. In the present work a study was carried out on...


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