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Authors: Ayrat A. Nazarov, R.T. Murzaev
Abstract:Junction disclinations are important elements of the structure of nanostructured metals produced by severe plastic deformation (SPD). Effect...
Authors: Albert Leksowskij, B.L. Baskin, A.P. Tishkin, A. Abdumanonov
Abstract:The following experimental data are presented and discussed: a) the explosion-like nucleation of micro- (meso) cracks; b) the dependence of...
Authors: Leszek B. Magalas, M. Majewski
Abstract:The advantages of the OMI algorithm to compute the logarithmic decrement and the resonant frequency from free decaying oscillations is...
Authors: Andre Rivière, Michel Gerland, Veronique Pelosin
Abstract:Internal friction peaks observed in single or polycrystals are clearly due to a dislocation relaxation mechanism. Because a sample observed...
Authors: Claudia Ionascu, Robert Schaller
Abstract:High temperature plasticity of fine-grained ceramics (ZrO2, Al2O3, etc) is usually associated with a grain boundary sliding process. The aim...
Authors: P.P. Pal-Val, L.N. Pal-Val, A.A. Ostapovets, P. Vanek
Abstract:An influence of Cd content on the kinetics of a spontaneous low-temperature structure transformation in In-rich In - Cd alloys has been...
Authors: P.P. Pal-Val, L.N. Pal-Val, S.B. Golovina, Igor S. Golovin
Abstract:Acoustic properties of polycrystalline Cr samples of 99.99 % purity are investigated at frequencies of longitudinal vibrations f ~ 75 kHz...
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